I came up with this really really easy short row heel some time ago, as all the instructions I found for short row heels on hand knitted socks were overly complicated with all their wraps, turns, double stitches, twin stitches etc etc etc


The finished heel

This heel is so beautifully simple, that it’s easy to remember and it has absolutely no complicated stitches or techniques.

The full written instructions, row by row:

First half of heel, worked back and forth on half the total number of stitches:
Row 1: K2tog tbl, knit to last 2 stitches, k2tog
(you can use SSK or any other decrease if you prefer)
Row 2: Slip 1 purlwise, purl to last stitch, slip 1 purlwise
Repeat last two rows until approximately one third of your heel stitches remain.

Second half of heel:
Row 1: Knit to end, pick up chain loop on the row below and knit into it, turn.
Row 2: Purl to end, pick up chain loop on the row below and purl into it, turn.
(Important! Do NOT slip the first stitch on these two rows!)
Repeat last two rows until all the chains have been picked up. You will be back to your original number of stitches and you can carry on knitting in the round.

That’s all there is to it. The complete instructions. Photos follow if you can’t visualise what’s happening here, but don’t overthink it… trust me, follow the instructions and it will work, I promise!


First half of the heel done, showing the chain on the right formed by the slipped stitches


First half of the heel done, showing the chain on the left formed by the slipped stitches


Second half of the heel, picking up the slipped stitch to be purled at the end of the purl row


Second half of the heel, picking up the slipped stitch to be knitted at the end of the knit row


The finished heel again!

More socks!

July 24, 2018


I’m still hand knitting socks, though I haven’t posted about them for nearly 9 years. Has it really been that long?? I’ve knitted quite a few pairs since then, but these are the latest pair finished today.

It took a few tries to get the tension correct, though I got there in the end. Even the tiniest variation in the tension would mess up the pattern and you’d only get stripes. The pattern called for a standard toe and an afterthought heel, but I didn’t do either of those as I refuse to do Kitchener stitch! I did a round toe and my easy no wrap short row heels instead.

The yarn is Wool and the Gang’s Kinda Magic sock yarn. It’s made by Regia and is part of their Pairfect range, though it’s exclusive to WATG.

Carl Boyd patterns

July 19, 2018

I’ve recently acquired nearly 50 Carl Boyd patterns for both men and women. Carl is known for his classic styles with unique fairisle patterning which have always been very popular.

These were originally sold for around £5.00 each – I’m offering them for £3.00 each, with £1.00 postage and packing to the United Kingdom. That’s £1.00 however many patterns you buy, 1, 2, 20 or more. Postage to the rest of the world is charged at cost.

See the full range here


Patterns to Download

July 18, 2018

A selection of downloadable patterns, for hand and machine knitting. These are all my original patterns for which I hold the copyright.

Hand Knitting patterns
Machine Knitting patterns

*Valentine’s Day Sale*

February 14, 2018

Starting now and for 24 hours only, 14% off absolutely everything. Yes, that’s everything!
Sale runs from 00:01 to 23:59 GMT Wednesday 14th February

I’ve added a Preloved / Pre-owned / Seconds section to my website.
All the products are either pre-owned, from my own personal collection, customer returns, or seconds – I have several boxes full, so more will be added when I can. They are mostly in a very good or excellent condition; any significant faults or damage will be noted in the description. I post worldwide from the UK.


Artika Designs

April 16, 2017

Artika Designs – a collection of nineteen machine knitting stitch pattern and technique books by Linda Jackson from rural Devon, England.
All the comb bound A4 size books include design notes with colour and design ideas to try. Everything can be posted worldwide, more images and full details are on my website:

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