Zebedee socks

August 17, 2007

Now that I can visualise how all the short rowing actually shapes the finished sock, I thought I’d just jump right in and do my own thing. I used the stitch pattern from Violet Green’s Zebedee Socks, making the largest width of 76 stitches.

The yarn used was Regia 4ply Cotton Color, colour number 4178, 41% wool, 34% cotton, 25% nylon. I have to say that it is an excellent yarn, it looks and feels almost like pure cotton but unlike cotton it has a fair amount of “give” in the finished sock.

Zebedee Sock

I much prefer the look of a short rowed heel, so I substituted the Sherman heel instructions I found on the Angel Yarns forum. I’m not too sure what I did wrong as my heel shaping doesn’t look much like any of the Sherman Heel pictures that I’ve seen. Still, it was a whole lot easier than the double wrapping, and it does look reasonably neat.

Sherman heel, possibly

This time I made a much shallower toe, and I’m happy to say that it fits perfectly.

Zebedee Sock, toe

Whoever said that sock knitting was addictive is right, I’m already wondering how I can improve the next sock and I haven’t even finished this pair yet… !

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