Men’s Boot Socks

August 24, 2007

Boot SocksI found an unbranded cone of double knit weight (6 ply) wool blend (80% wool, 20% other fibres) in my machine knitting stash, that just told me it was a pair of men’s boot socks. It’s very slightly tweedy, and a light sludgey khaki greyish sort of green. There’s no other way to describe the colour really!

It wasn’t particularly pleasant to knit with, as it had been spun in oil. It looked and felt a bit like a rough carpet when knitted – but it all came out in the wash. A quick swish around in some warm water and Fairy Liquid, and all the oil was removed, leaving a nice soft woolly sock.

It was very quick to knit, just 56 stitches wide. The top rib hasn’t pulled in – that was deliberate (honest!). I decreased several stitches on the first plain round just so that the sock would be straight, and to give some extra room around the top.

Cast on edge

Tubular cast on

I used a tubular cast on for this sock. The best instructions I’ve found for a tubular cast on are at “Amelia’s” site; a step by step tutorial, complete with pictures. The tubular cast on is extremely neat, and quite firm. It’s just stretchy enough for the top of a sock, and will hold its shape without sagging.

The Heel

Boot socks, heel

Again, a Sherman Heel. Do you notice any difference between this heel and the other Sherman Heel – the one in the Zebedee Socks? Well, this time I did it correctly! It dawned on me that I was picking up the WRONG LOOP on the Zebedee Socks, no wonder my heel shaping had a row of little holes.

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