25th Anniversary

July 22, 2022

Twenty five years ago, in November 1997, I launched my jigsawknits website. I was selling machine knitting patterns and books, plus I had a few info pages, some of which are still on my current website. I looked at the Wayback Machine (https://web.archive.org/) to see if anything was there from 1997, but no luck. The earliest I could find was a single page from 2000 – here it is…

jigsawknits.co.uk- 3rd February 2000

I’m fairly sure that the missing image at the top was an animated gif of a knitting machine carriage going backwards and forwards. I was pretty pleased with it as I’d made it myself, though it was embarrassingly basic 🙂

I’ve moved on a bit since then, but 25 years later I’m still selling patterns and other knitting related stuff!

jigsawknits.co.uk – July 2022

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